Biograd Boat Show
25. BIOGRAD BOAT SHOW 25. - 29.10.2023.
Croatia's Largest Boat Show and Central Europe's In-Water Show
Biograd Boat Show

Central Europe’s In-water Show Celebrates 25 Years

This year the Biograd Boat show will celebrate its 25th anniversary following a history of spectacular growth and loyal followers, to become Central Europe’s in-water boat show. This truly international event attracts many international visitors and exhibitors and is the biggest meeting point for Croatia’s nautical industry. It marks the end of the boating season and the start of a new business year.

25 Year Journey

From its humble beginnings as a springtime open house for Marina Kornati, the Biograd Boat Show reinvented itself in 2004, by moving to October to better serve the demands of exhibitors. From that point, the show never looked back; hosting record breaking shows each year, gaining loyalty through the global financial crisis, and powering through the pandemic.  Last year’s show broke all records, and this year the expectations are very high, as many new exhibitors are looking to join in, and existing exhibitors looking to expand.  

The Boat Show Experience

The show has gained its international popularity due to Croatia’s importance as a boating destination and Ilirija’s well managed facilities including Marina Kornati, Ilirija hotels, restaurants, and entertainment facilities.  The secret to the show’s success is the festive environment and special atmosphere resulting from a large boat show held in a spectacular natural setting while partnered with an intimate resort town. This is the Biograd Boat Show experience!  When the sun sets, the exhibiting stops and the party begins, with a legendary entertainment program that spills into the town center.  

Central Europe's Gateway to the Sea

Each year, Biograd plays an important role for domestic and international boaters.  Many people were introduced to Biograd as one of the busiest marine transit destinations in Croatia and one of the world’s largest yacht charter destinations.  Others are introduced through its world class calendar of regattas and events, regardless, the international recognition and reputation of Biograd improves each year.

Biograd B2B

As the largest gathering point for the Croatian nautical industry, Ilirija developed Biograd B2B, a business to business platform and business networking event during the boat show allowing business visitors to register, participate and schedule meetings with exhibitors and other B2B participants.  As part of Biograd B2B, there is an extensive congress program which includes the 7th annual Croatian Nautical Days sponsored by the Croatian Chamber of Economy to be held from 25.-27. 10. 2023., featuring numerous industry association meetings, business presentations and networking social events.

Croatia Charter Expo

Also as part of Biograd B2B, the Fifth Croatia Charter Expo will be held from 25.-26. 10. 2022.  This B2B event for the yacht charter industry allows charter fleet providers to meet with agents, brokers and suppliers, and is supported by an active congress program. All participants are registered on the Biograd B2B platform, and can take part in the boat show during its entire duration.  This is a very important event which serves the Croatian bareboat charter industry, which is by far the largest in the world. Generous support for the Croatia Charter Expo has been provided by the City of Biograd, Croatian Tourist Board, and the Chamber of Economy.

The Biograd Boat Show is a Member of the IFBSO

The Biograd Boat Show is a Member of the International Federation of Boat Show Organizers, adopting the high standards of the organization and participating in its further development by sharing its unique business model, and is at the forefront of Business to Business activities.

Leading the way to a Brighter Future 

Over the past 25 years the Biograd Boat Show as grown from a minor regional show to a major international event, bringing the Adriatic boating region to the world stage. This long-term success came by leveraging Ilirija’s nautical and hospitality assets and creating special atmosphere that is well appreciated by loyal exhibitors and visitors For the 25th Anniversary show, Ilirija plans to build on its successes and set an even brighter a course for the future of boating on the Adriatic.

The Gateway to Central European Boaters
More and more, the show attracts visitors and exhibitors from neighboring countries and afar, including many owners of boats in Croatia, as well as many of the thousands that participate in nautical events held in Biograd throughout the year. Big attractions include over 300 registered exhibitors and 300 boats on display, as well as over 1500 charter yachts represented at the show, and approximately 100 used boats, displayed according to strict standards. Many side events take place with themes such as business, education, social, culinary, sport and recreation.
The "Boat Show Experience"

Sunset marks the end of the exhibition day and the beginning of an on-site evening program offering great food and entertainment continuing into the town centre until the late hours, all within a short walk. Known as the “Boat Show Experience”, it is the key to the show’s success, visible in the eyes of the locals as well as many affluent visitors from Central Europe that make a holiday of the event.

Special Hotel Rates

We invite you to make an accommodation booking on these pages during Biograd Boat Show nautical fair. Please take a look at our accommodation offer, and book your accommodation during Biograd Boat Show.

  • Parking car: + 6,00 €ur/per day
  • Tourist tax: +1,35 €ur per person/per day
  • Registration: +1,00 €ur per person
  • Check-in from: 14:00h
  • Check-out untill: 14:00h

Marina Kornati, Biograd na Moru

Having recognized the exceptional potential of Biograd na Moru as a nautical town in the vicinity of Kornati archipelago, ILIRIJA d.d. built the first nautical harbor in Croatia back in 1974, the today's hotel harbor called Kornati, from which the nautical tourism started to develop systematically along the Adriatic coast. It also procured the first own charter fleet of 40 ELAN vessels, thus rightfully assuming the title of a pioneer of nautical tourism and turning the town of Biograd into the cradle of nautical tourism.

With the total sea area (maritime zone) of 91 912 m2 and the land area of 39 688 m2, today's marina Kornati is certainly one of the largest nautical harbors in the Zadar County and the only real driver of nautical tourism development at Biograd Riviera which, thanks to the boating potentials of the city itself and the vision and courage of ILIRIJA d.d., enabled Biograd not only to become the yachting city, but also the center for development of nautical tourism.

The maritime zone annually hosts more than 40 domestic and international regattas of all classes and over 30 flotillas, which are attended by up to 10,000 sailors from around the world. Therefore, the marina Kornati and Biograd na Moru rightly and proudly deserve to wear the title of not only a nautical, but also a regatta center of Northern Dalmatia.

Marina has retained its status of the leading charter center in Croatia with over 300 charter boats owned by 12 charter companies operating within the marina and selling the world's leading manufacturers' vessels, in addition to their charter business.



International Reputation

The Biograd boat Show is Central Europe’s in-water Boat show. The event has taken on an international flavor due to the importance of Croatia as a boating destination and the impressive facilities and management of Ilirija d.d. which include Marina Kornati, Ilirija hotels, restaurants, and entertainment facilities.  Favorable pricing for all services adds to the leisurely atmosphere, while a pontoon bridge links the main marina with Marina Kornati West, offering a unique and attractive in-water exhibition. 

Member of the IFBSO

The Biograd Boat Show is a Gold Member of the International Federation of Boat Show Organizers, adopting the high standards of the organization and participating in its further development by sharing its unique business model, and innovative touches such as the 360 degree virtual tour.