Biograd Boat Show

Charter brokers

Brokers can apply for a CCE Business pass if the company does not own or manage any vessels but works as a yacht charter broker with a functional website with detailed offers of charter yachts and destinations. Brokers who are also fleet owners must apply for fleet operator visitor pass or exhibitor stand. If you qualify as a charter broker, click here to register.

To check if you qualify for brokers pass and free accommodation package click here.

Our sponsors have funded a number of accommodation packages for eligible brokers. Each accommodation package includes up to 3-days accommodation at a seaside hotel for up to two persons in a room, including breakfast and dinner. Only a limited number of accommodation packages are available, so the organizer must confirm the availability of the accommodation package during the registration process. In case that there are no more free packages available, the broker will be notified within 10 days of the application receipt and can book accommodation on special rates by contacting the sales department.

Option 1:

  • Wednesday, 16.10.2019
  • Thursday, 17.10.2019
  • Friday, 18.10.2019

Option 2:

  • Thursday, 17.10.2019
  • Friday, 18.10.2019
  • Saturday, 19.10.2019

Yes, you can make additional orders once the registration form is submitted, just by sending an e-mail to The Organizer will send you a separate proforma invoice for the payment.

After you filled in and submitted the registration form to the organizer, you will receive the pro-forma invoice for the services ordered. Full payment must be made within 7 days from the receipt of the pro-forma invoice. When your payment is received, your booking is confirmed. The organizer will send you CCE guide and deadline reminders.

CCE in Hall D is B2B event restricted only to charter professionals. CCE registered participants can meet their guests throughout the Biograd Boat Show, including the Biograd B2B lounge in Hall B.

The North BBS entrance is approximately 350 m from Hall D. And the West BBS Entrance is approximately 500 m from Hall D.