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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations


The Kornati Marina, with the Kornati Hotel Harbour (hereinafter referred to as:the Marina) comprise a unique organizational entity that is operated under the Direction of ILIRIJA d.d. Biograd na Moru, Tina Ujevića 7.


Within this Regulation are the prescribed conditions and methods for maintaining order in the Kornati Marina harbour and the Kornati Hotel Harbour (hereinafter referred to as:the Marina).

These regulations are applicable in the entire area (land and sea), which is used by the Marina, or in the area that the Marina is allocated for use based on the Contract of concession of marine property.

These regulations for the maintaining of order in the Marina, in accordance with the rules prescribed by the Direction, are confirmed by the competent port authority, and implemented by persons authorized by the Marina.

All users of the services are to be familiarized with the contents of this Regulation on their arrival at the Marina, and the Regulations will be displayed at the reception and other suitable places in the Marina.

1.The location for berthing of vessels (hereinafter referred to as:berth/s) in the Marina shall be decided on by the harbour manager, and the Marina reserves the right to relocate vessels without the prior consent of the user of the vessel for security purposes, or for other justifiable reasons.

2.Any vessel sailing in or out of port should not sail at a speed greater than 3 knots, in the entire extent of the Marina’s waters.

3.At all times when sailing in the Marina, the user of the vessel is obligated to announce their arrival (by telephone or radio via VHF channel 17), and the Marina staff will, as needed, give instructions and directions for sailing into port.

4.The user of the vessel is obligated to have a valid sailing permit, or all appropriate documentation in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Croatia.

5.The user of the vessel is obligated to report his arrival without delay to the reception of the Marina; at the same time presenting his personal identification documents, vessel documents and muster list of the vessel when arriving via the sea.

6.The user of the vessel is obligated to maintain his vessel in good order; in operational and watertight condition. In accordance with the berthing system that is in use at the marina, all vessels are to be tied in secure way with proper ropes of appropriate dimensions. Due to the aforementioned, as well as for security reasons, the Marina Management may take appropriate measures to secure any vessel on behalf of the vessel’s owner.

7.On arrival at the Marina by land, either by towing vehicle or by transporting the vessel on the trailer, the user of the vessel is obligated to report his arrival at the gatehouse of the Marina. The porter will direct the user of the vessel to the reception of the Marina, where he will open a work order for lowering his vessel into the sea, and the user will be directed to the area where he can keep his vessel, trailer and otherwise.

8.Anchoring of the vessel in the Marina is forbidden. In exceptional circumstances, the manager of the Marina may allow temporary anchoring of the vessel, if there are justifiable reasons for this.

9.The user of the vessel is responsible for the flawlessness of his vessel, as well as for the security and sailing capability of the vessel, in the entire area of the Marina, for the entire duration of his stay in it.

10.During its stay in the Marina the vessel must be in a noticeable place marked with its name and registration mark, and every change of name and registration mark must be entered in the documents for the vessel and reported to the reception of the Marina.

11.The user of the vessel, having concluded a Contract for berth rental with Marina, is obligated to report to the reception on his arrival and for each arrival at the vessel, whereupon he is to present personal documentation of the entire crew, for the purpose of reporting the stay of the guests. Visitor’s tax is charged as a lump-sum by the port authority according to the Law on Visitor’s tax (NN-Official Gazette 152/08, 59/09)

12.Any user of a vessel under a foreign flag that has concluded a Contract for berth rental with the Marina is obligated to report to all equipment that is onboard the vessel, in the form of an “Inventory list”, to the reception of the Marina, and stays in the Marina are subject to Customs regulations.

13.The user of the vessel may facilitate connection of the vessel to electrical and water installations only if the vessel is equipped with the correct installations as adjusted to Croatian standards, and if he or a crewmember is onboard the vessel. During any temporary absence of the crew onboard the vessel, at all times while the vessel is in the Marina, any connections must be turned off.

14.Labour onboard the vessel (sanding, painting and similar), in the interests of protecting other vessels, is permitted only in clearly-marked places within the Marina that are previously allocated for any such purpose, and in which work on a vessel may be facilitated, provided that before leaving the aforementioned, the user of the vessel is to clean up completely, otherwise the Marina will charge costs for any cleaning.

15.Waste oil and filters, oil, residues from detergents, utility waste and other forms of waste must be disposed of, according to the waste type, in environmentally-friendly containers at allocated locations in the Marina. Any spillage or deliberate dumping into the sea is highly punishable.

16.Before any vessel’s departure from the Marina, the user of the vessel is obligated to pay for all services according to the valid pricelist, otherwise the Marina may keep the vessel until the settlement of the debt by the user

17.If any vessel remains at permanent berth in the Marina, the user of the vessel may provide spare keys to the Marina reception, and only in emergencies, when the vessel is threatened by some danger, or it is threatened by some other vessel, the Marina is permitted to use those keys to enter the vessel for the purpose of decreasing any potential damage.

18.If any vessel, for which there is a Contract for berth rental, is leaving the Marina permanently, the user of the vessel is obligated to report their departure to the reception, and to cancel the Contract for berth rental in writing.

19.Only biodegradable detergents are permitted for use inside the Marina. For the purpose of the preservation of the purity of the waters and environment, and with the intention of avoiding any unintentional pollution, it is forbidden to use automatic pumps for emptying out bilge water. The user of the vessel is obligated to use environmentally friendly sponges when dealing with bilge water. 

20.It is forbidden to empty any toilet in the harbour pool of the Marina.

21.In the event of significant pollution, the Marina will determine the cause; take measures for the prevention of pollution through the employees responsible for that kind of activity; remove the vessel for the protection of the environment, people and vessels, and notify the competent port authority and other competent government authorities regarding the matter, and will charge the user for any costs incurred.

22.The Marina will display the weather report every day at reception, i.e. on the notice board. 

23.The crane is to be operated only by a competently qualified employee of the Marina, or a professionally equipped person of some other company, which in turn duly authorised by the Marina. Before lifting the vessel, the user of the vessel is obligated to warn the person operating the crane of any equipment below-deck in the vessel, and give precise information as to the position thereof. In the absence of the aforementioned information, the Marina may not be charged for any potential damage.

24.In the Marina the following is strictly forbidden:

  • Lighting fires;
  • skimming, swimming , surfing, fishing, diving
  • any pet owners are obligated to keep the Marina environment clean, and it is strictly forbidden to allow dogs to roam freely without a leash, as well as to disturb other clients with constant barking; or the entry of pets into the premises of the Marina
  • dish washing in the toilet facilities;
  • keeping secondary boats, surf boards and similar tied to the vessel
  • assembling and keeping any form of objects on the piers and other areas in the Marina;
  • posting signs, adverts and other messages, and use of any Marina area for commercial purposes;
  • disturbing the peace of other guests
  • shouting and making noise from 10pm to 8am, except in the catering facilities which can play music until midnight;
  • walking within the vicinity of the crane;
  • disruption of vehicle movement and travel lifts on the traffic paths;
  • the leaving on of gas or electrical appliances and water connections, without the presence of the user;
  • keeping the vessel’s engines running, apart from sailing in or out of the harbour;
  • moving the vessel to another berth without the consent of the Marina harbour manager;
  • hiring of third persons for supervision, maintenance or servicing of the vessel, without previously notifying and gaining consent from Marina;
  • performing on the vessel or smaller vessel any operations that may endanger human lives, cause fire, pollute the sea or cause harm to other vessels, smaller vessels, the shore, the harbour facilities, equipment and installations
  • the parking of personal vehicles, trailers, campers, buses, motorcycles, bicycles or other means of transport on the roads, squares, green surfaces and piers. Any improperly parked vehicle will be removed at the user’s expense.
  • camping
  • borrowing of the parking card

The Marina is actively enforcing these Regulations, and the Port authority facilitates the supervision of the enforcement of these Regulations.

The Marina’s employees are in control of all vessels and smaller vessels in relation to sailing into the port, docking, berthing, anchoring and sailing out of the port.

For all acts of non-compliance with the provisions of this Regulation for the maintaining of order, the Marina is authorised to cease providing its services, as well as to charge any potential damage to the responsible user – any offender of this Regulation, excluding official penalties, which will be charged by the Port authority.

All amendments that may occur due to changes in legislation will be placed on the notice boards of the Marina, and will form an integral part of this Regulation in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Croatia.

The Kornati Marina andtheKornati Hotel Harbour, as well as organisational entities that are operating under the Direction of Ilirija d.d. Biograd na Moru, Tina Ujevica 7, with the concluding of this Regulation, as the user of the harbour of nautical tourism, accordingly as the authority that manages the harbour, have fulfilled their respective obligation for prescribing order in the harbour.

The following competent authority has granted consent for this Regulation for the maintaining of order in the Kornati Marina harbour and the Kornati Hotels Harbour:
THE MINISTRY OF THE SEA, TOURISM, TRANSPORT AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA ZADAR PORT AUTHORITY which performs the supervision of the implementation of order in the Kornati Marina harbour and the Hotel Harbour.

Biograd na Moru , 08/12/2010