Biograd Boat Show

Terms and condition


All Participants must complete the Biograd B2B Registration Form on the Biograd B2B web page. The Registration Form constitutes a contract between the Participant and Ilirija d.d. (herein referred to as the Organizer), subject to the approval of the Organizer, and binds the Participant to the Biograd B2B Terms and Conditions. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse registration of any Participant, or to impose additional terms and conditions. Such action shall be communicated in writing to the applying Participant.


Upon completion of the Registration Form, the Participant will be informed of any charges owing, and must make payment according to the options listed on the Biograd B2B website, which include direct deposit to the Organizer’s bank account or payment in person at the Marina Kornati North reception. Once payment is made in Full, an invoice will be issued for the amount paid.


Business Profiles, Contact Information, and Meetings

The Organizer shall provide the Participant the right to register a Business Profile on the Biograd B2B software platform where information can be provided on business activity and business contact information in the allotted space, as well contact information of one personal representative. Additional Business Profiles, and/or contact persons will be considered to be additional Participants, and will require additional registration.The Organizer retains the right to limit or refuse business or contact information. Participants will be able to view the Business Profiles of all other Participants and be able to contact them and request and schedule meetings during the event.In the Event that Participants who plan to meet do not have an exhibition stand, meeting points in Hall B will be provided and can be booked at no additional charge subject to availability.

Accreditation Badges and rights of Access

The Organizer will provide the Participant with one Accreditation Badge granting access to the Biograd B2B event and the Biograd Boat Show, for their full duration, as well as access to the open events of the Biograd B2B Congress Program.  The Accreditation badge will also grant access to the Refreshment Center where complementary refreshments will available to the Badge holder during certain hours, as well as access to the “Biograd B2B Bash” party held on Friday.Badges are only to be used by the registered individual. Any abuse of individual passes will result in the permanent banishment of the individual from the Event.


Participants will be solely responsible and liable for all information, representation and actions taken at the Biograd B2B event, with no responsibility or liability attributed to the Organizer. All commercial activity conducted by the Participant must be in accordance with Croatian Commercial Law. The Participant is responsibility to ensure that all products and / or services being marketed comply with the applicable laws or regula­tions of the Republic of Croatia and the EU, and that non-compliant products are marked as such.Participants must also observe Marina Kornati Rules and Regulations, which can be obtained at the marina reception. The Participant will be liable for any damages to the Organizer or third par­ties, due to negligence or wilful act. Participants may not transfer their rights to a third party.  Fail­ure to comply with the Code of Behaviour may result in exclusion from the Event at the discretion of the Organizer. Any exception must be approved by the Organizer.


The hours of operation of the Biograd B2B event and the Biograd Boat show are: Thursday, Friday and Satur­day from 10:00 to 18:30; Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00.   Related social events will take place according to the event calendar.


The Organizer is not responsible for material loss, theft, or damage to any of the Participant`s items, or personal effects. The Participant bears responsibility for any liability, damage, or loss in­curred to the Organizer or third parties, caused by the Participant`s items or personnel.


The Organizer shall inform the Participant in a timely manner of any changes to the Event, and shall bear no liability for any such changes.


Withdrawal of a registered Participant from the Biograd B2B event must be given in writing to the Organizer.The Organizer is not obligated to return any registration funds, but may do so in certain cases at its discretion.


The Organizer retains the right to record all activities during the event, with all forms of media, including written, photographic, audio, and visual media, and retains full rights to its use for private and commer­cial use. Participators are limited to only recording their exhibit, and must obtain permission from the Organizer for the use of any other media related to the Event.


In the event of a dispute between the Organizer and the Participator, the parties will attempt to solve it by mutual agreement. In the event that a settlement is not possible, The Participator Register Form and the Exhibi­tor Terms and Conditions are subject to Croatian Commercial Law, and under the jurisdiction of the Zadar County Commercial Court.